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Ideas for Speaking Topics

Why it is important for women to brag! 

We all know people who ‘brag’ in a way that makes us feel uncomfortable – we may label them as ‘loud’, ‘full of themselves’, or ‘self centered’ and we do not want to be like them.

As young girls we are often told to calm down and not to be bossy. It is no wonder that as adult women and professionals we find it difficult to brag about our accomplishments.

In today’s world finding your own voice and style of self promotion is vital for gaining well deserved recognition.

Once women find their voice and tell the world what they’ve done and what they can do in a way that feels personally acceptable, it becomes routine. The best way to overcome your bragging-barrier is to learn the basic tools and then practice in order to understand how and what to brag about.

When growing a pair isn’t an option…! 

Women are often given well-intended advice about how to cope in the professional world: ‘Just grow a pair of…’; or ‘Man-Up’; or ‘Just act like one of the guys’.

But, most of the time this well meaning advice is not helpful. If we as women knew the ‘how’ then we would not be challenged by navigating a ‘man’s world’. Lena will talk about what to do in situations when we feel vulnerable; when our emotions are almost taking over, but we do not want them to; and how to navigate scenarios when we do not understand ‘the game’.

Women helping women!

Adopt the powerful perspective shift from “Look what I’ve done!” to ” Look what SHE has done”! Build stronger dynamics and trust by encouraging your teams to advocate for each other.

Today women are succeeding, leading and stand-out in workplaces that used to be dominated by men. Gender issues in the work place are more prevalent than in the past and now, more than ever, women must help other women along the way.

Every woman has the opportunity to behave in a way that promotes gender equality in workplaces and in the world. Women helping women is the way to ensure that current and future generations help each other towards genderblindness and equality.

Unconscious bias and inclusion

Why is it that progress is so slow advancing women? We live in a busy number-driven world. The numbers show that having women in leadership positions and on boards are beneficial for the business…But we must face that all this research at best, has very little impact.

Could it be that we all are so biased that we, unconsciously think that women are less ambitious? That we, just to be safe, choose a man over a woman for the leadership position since we believe a man is better suited?

Why are we all biased and how can we change this and work on having an inclusive workplace?