BOHEMIAN FOR A WEEKEND™ retreats are uniquely designed for women who wish to profoundly relax, recharge and rewire in a perfect blend of beauty, luxury and exquisite simplicity.

Set in a private luxury villa, surrounded by pure and enchanting nature this intensive week will re-connect you with the most powerful part of your being. 

Elevated by altitude, art and the surrounding beauty, using ART-MIND-BODY™ concept, we will be focusing on:

  • De-cluttering your mind and body
  • Boosting your energy levels
  • Resetting your focus on what really matters to you

Together with the retreat leaders, experienced and qualified artists, well-being practitioners, yoga/tai-chi/qi-gong instructors, we will be taking care of the mind and body while:  

  • Re-assessing the way you make choices in life
  • Connecting to intuitive and creative abilities
  • Clearing out outdated mind programs
  • Shaping a more satisfying way of living

Show Your Worth® assessment

Find out how good you are at talking and promoting yourself
and whether or not your background has played a role

Watch the video and learn more about how to empower yourself and your employees!

What the clients say

“Lena Beck Rørvig has been my Executive Coach for one year, and I achieved my ambitious career goal within that year. We worked with my specific wishes for strengthening my personality, my independence, and my charisma.


“I love how the workshop opened my perspective and opened me to see how I have been disabling myself BUT also what I can do to take charge and empower myself to be more confident in talking/pitching/bragging about my work and life.”

VP in a mid-size US based global company

Show Your Worth Model®

The Show Your Worth® program embraces the aspects and challenges women face when wanting to advance their career.

It is based on a holistic approach, ensuring that each woman remains unique and authentic. Being confident is all about leveraging one’s own authentic behaviors and expanding them with useful knowledge and tools.

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