Company workshops

Success for women is success for the company

The company workshops develop your talented female employees so they authentic step up and speak up bringing all their skills and ideas to action increasing your financial results.

Workshops are tailored to the company’s goals. The lengths can vary from inspirational workshops of 1½ hours to a half day or the full program of 2 days. The 2 day program can be broken up into modules taken over time.

Get inspired from these workshops

The Inspirational Workshop

A one-and-a-half hour workshop where women will find inspiration in the common challenges of speaking up and learn tools to improve their presence by developing their own personal, authentic bragging skills.

The Four Module Workshop

This four module program teaches women to recognize the barriers for why they are not more assertive.

They get emotional awareness and teach them how to brag in their own authentic way.

Each module is a four-hour session. Between each module they are encouraged to practice and implement their new skills and knowledge. They will be awarded a certificate at completion.

The Impact Workshop

For female leaders who are committed to moving up the ranks.

Many women leave their jobs before they reach the top leadership levels. In this intensive four-hour Impact Workshop they will learn how to adapt their tactics at each leadership level. Learn the importance of being your authentic self as a role-model. Learn strategies to handle rejection and navigate hostile environments.