Prioritize Yourself and Others Will, Too!

After many years of coaching, training men and women to develop leadership skills, it has become clear to me that there is a significant difference in how the two genders view their own personal and professional development

While men seldom skip important coaching sessions or network meetings, women often call, or send a last minute rushed e-mail, to explain why they must reschedule to take care of something ‘more important.”

These women might as well say:

“The reason I am canceling our appointment is that I do not find my personal development important. I am prioritizing others!”

I have also met men asking and pressure for executive education where they have to be weeks away from home and work. When I encourage women to enroll in executive educational programs to enhance their career I am often met with the excuse that it might be difficult since they are so very busy at work, there is a family birthday or other ‘more important’ excuses.

We know from studies that women are as often encouraged to further their education and make career moves as men are. So, if we as women do not prioritize our development, how can we expect others will continue to encourage us so?

Even the nicest boss, the most understanding partner and wonderful children, YOU have to make it happen for yourself. YOU have to prioritize yourself and your development, or other’s will stop trying.