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Help others succeed and at the same time help yourself from feeling underappreciated!

Instead of beating yourself up for feeling resentment towards the person you are helping, you can turn this around by being clear from the beginning on what your giving is worth to you and what you expect to receive back. Learn how!!
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From Shy to Savvy Business Networker!

If you meet me today at a business networking event you will probably not notice that I am not at all a natural business networker. I have had to learn. Get my best tips and you can also learn to become a savvy networker.
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Myths vs. Facts. Can bragging crack the code? Or at least help crack some of it…

It is about time we stop talking about women's lack of confidence and start tapping into the real issues. Putting yourself forward is a skill that can be learned. If women think they first have to get more confident and before they can put themselves forward, it is a long journey.
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Prioritize Yourself and Others Will, Too!

While men seldom skip important coaching sessions or network meetings, women often call, or send a last minute rushed e-mail, to explain why they must reschedule to take care of something 'more important." These women might as well say: "The reason I am canceling our appointment is that I do not find my personal development important. I am prioritizing others!"